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Bais HaVaad Institue of Talmudic Law: Services 
בית הוועד לענייני משפט
The Halacha Center
The Center for the Study and Practice of Monetary Halacha
Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning

Perhaps one of the most unfortunate scenarios in life is the ill feeling that develops between family members embroiled in a financial dispute after the passing of a loved one. The loss of a family member is tragic enough and need not be complicated by the pain of strife and contention. While many individuals spend thousands of dollars consulting financial and legal professionals to ensure the distribution of their estate is organized from the standpoint of secular law, they fail to ensure that the same interests are protected in Bais Din.

Unfortunately, this oversight leaves room for much conflict; Torah committed Jews may not turn to the secular courts to settle a dispute.

With proper planning, this conflict can be avoided. The Halacha Center L’Inyonei Mishpat can assist those interested in setting a halachically compliant plan of distribution, for when the time arises.

To consult with a specialist concerning the Laws of Yerusha, please call the Bais HaVaad office or click here.

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